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About Zauba Cloud

Zauba Cloud is a next generation cloud computing platform that accelerates product development, reduces cost and increases overall performance and reliability of assets on Amazon Web Services, GCP & Azure.

Why Zauba Cloud ?

New Billing Model

    Pay only for the resources you consume. Save on money spent on under utilised resources.


    With autoscaling of your deployment based on resource requirements, your deployment always has the resources it needs to scale


    A storage backed by high performance NVMe SSDs that provide unmatched IOPS rates with 3X replication across multiple availability zones, providing you data durability that is prepared to survive any disaster

Multi cloud support

    Easily migrate your data at any time with fully accessible and compatible database management. Deploy on a cloud vendor of your choice with our cloud agnostic deployment model


    With 99.95% SLA guaranteed, you are assured that your business applications will have the reliability they need for a great customer experience

Auto-everything else

    With fully automatic backups and auto healing of your deployments, we've got you covered in cases of failures

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Pycon India, HICC Hyderabad

AWS Reinvent, Las Vegas

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